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Complete(?) list of MathQuill symbols rendered by MathJax

Peter Jipsen, February 2014

This rendering shows that many of the MathQuill symbolnames are not standard LaTeX commands. There are also some conflicts (e.g. \inf = \infty in MathQuill, but renders as "inf" in LaTeX). This was perhaps a design choice of MathQuill, aiming to provide common synonyms for symbols. However it creates problems for rendering standard LaTeX. It would be useful to have a version of MathQuill that stays as close to LaTeX as possible. (But keeping such a version in sync with MathQuill development would be probelmatic.)

Another version that makes use of an ASCIIMath-like syntax would also be helpful. The ASCIIMath philosophy would be to render each symbols by at most two ascii expressions: the LaTeX name (if it is short and memorable, without leading backslash) and a short name that resembles the shape of the symbol (if possible, else no second name). The graphing calculator is based on MathQuill and uses (a restricted form of) such input.

\mathrm:  abc123@!  abc123@!
\mathit:  abc123@!  abc123@! does it work?? cf.  abc123@!  abc123@!
\mathbf:  abc123@!  abc123@!
\mathsf:  𝖺𝖻𝖼𝟣𝟤𝟥@!  abc123@!
\mathtt:  𝚊𝚋𝚌𝟷𝟸𝟹@!  abc123@!
\mathcal, \mathfrak: not available in MathQuill??
\underline:  x yz         xyz_, \underline{\sqrt x}:  x             x_

\overline{xyz}:  x yz            xyz¯, \overline{\sqrt x} x               

SubSup x_1^2:  x  2 1   x12, x_{1}^{2}:  x  2 1   x12

subscript x_11  x  1 1  x11, x_{11}:  x  11   x11, x\subscript11:  x \subscript11  x\subscript11

superscript x^12:  x  1 2  x12, x^{12}:  x  12   x12, x\superscript12:  x \superscript12  x\superscript12, x\supscript12:  x \supscript12  x\supscript12

\frac xy:  x  y    xy, \dfrac xy:  x  y    xy, \cfrac xy:   x   y    xy, \fraction xy:  \fractionx y  \fractionxy

xy\over uv:  x yover uv  xyoveruv, x{y\over u}v:  x yover uv  xyoveruv only for live fractions

xy/uv:  x y/uv  xy/uv, x{y/u}v:  x y/uv  xy/uv only for live fractions

\sqrt{x^2}:  x  2        x2, \sqrt[n]{x^n}:  x  n      n   xnn, root and bar have small gap in Firefox

(), [], \left\{\right\}, \langle, \rangle:  (),[],(],{},l ef t l angl er ight r angl e  (),[],(],{},leftlanglerightrangle, \left{\right} need to be matched, \{\},\langle,\rangle don't work??

& lang;    , & rang;    

pipe |:  |x   |x works unmatched

x\text{ hi }y:  x  hi y  x hi y
x\textnormal{ hi }y:  x \textnormalhiy  x\textnormalhiy 
x\textrm{ hi }y:  x  hi y  x hi y 
x\textup{ hi }y:  x \textuphiy  x\textuphiy
x\textmd{ hi }y:  x \textmdhiy  x\textmdhiy
a \emph{all}b:  a\emphal l b  a\emphallb, a \em{all}b:  a\emal l b  a\emallb why do \em??
a \italic{all}b:  a\italical l b  a\italicallb, a \italics{all}b:  a\italicsal l b  a\italicsallb ??
x\textit{ hi }y:  x  hi y  x hi y
x\textbf{ hi }y:  x  hi y  x hi y, x\bold{ hi }y:  x \boldhiy  x\boldhiy, x\strong{ hi }y:  x \stronghiy  x\stronghiy
x\textsf{ hi }y:  x  𝗁𝗂 y  x hi y, x\sf{ hi }y:  x 𝗁𝗂𝗒  xhiy
x\texttt{ hi }y:  x  𝚑𝚒 y  x hi y, x\tt{ hi }y:  x 𝚑𝚒𝚢  xhiy
x\textsc{ HIhi }y:  x \textscH I hiy  x\textscHIhiy
x\uppercase{ HIhi }y:  x \uppercaseH I hiy  x\uppercaseHIhiy
x\lowercase{ HIhi }y:  x \lowercaseH I hiy  x\lowercaseHIhiy

\binom nk:  (n k  )  (nk)

n\choose k:  nchoosek   nchoosek does it work?


\f:  \f  \f ?? why?

prime x':  x     x′, x'':  x     x″, x''':  x     x‴

@:  @  @, \&;  &  &, \%:  %  %, %:   

\alpha:  α  α
\beta:  β   β
\gamma:  γ   γ
\delta:  δ  δ
\zeta:  ζ   ζ
\eta:  η  η
\theta:  θ   θ
\iota:  ι  ι
\kappa:  κ   κ
\mu:  μ  μ
\nu:  ν  ν
\xi:  ξ  ξ
\rho:  ρ  ρ
\sigma:  σ   σ
\tau:  τ   τ
\chi:  χ   χ
\psi:  ψ   ψ

\phi:  ϕ  ϕ //W3C or Unicode? [PJipsen: Comments from mathquill.js]
\phiv:  \phiv  \phiv //Elsevier and 9573-13
\varphi:  φ  φ //AMS and LaTeX

\epsilon:  ϵ  ϵ //W3C or Unicode?
\epsiv:  \epsiv  \epsiv //Elsevier and 9573-13
\varepsilon:  ε  ε //AMS and LaTeX

\piv:  \piv  \piv //W3C/Unicode and Elsevier and 9573-13
\varpi:  ϖ   ϖ //AMS and LaTeX

\sigmaf:  \sigmaf  \sigmaf //W3C/Unicode
\sigmav:  \sigmav  \sigmav //Elsevier
\varsigma:  ς  ς //LaTeX

\thetav:  \thetav  \thetav //Elsevier and 9573-13
\vartheta:  ϑ  ϑ //AMS and LaTeX
\thetasym:  \thetasym  \thetasym //W3C/Unicode

\upsilon:  υ  υ //AMS and LaTeX and W3C/Unicode
\upsi:  \upsi  \upsi //Elsevier and 9573-13

//these aren't even mentioned in the HTML character entity references
\gammad:  \gammad  \gammad //Elsevier
\Gammad:  \Gammad  \Gammad //9573-13 -- was this a typo in the reference (see above)
\digamma:  ϝ  ϝ //LaTeX

\kappav:  \kappav  \kappav //Elsevier
\varkappa:  ϰ   ϰ //AMS and LaTeX

\rhov:  \rhov  \rhov //Elsevier and 9573-13
\varrho:  ϱ  ϱ //AMS and LaTeX

//Greek constants, look best in un-italicised Times New Roman
\pi:  π   π 
\lambda:  λ  λ 

//uppercase greek letters
\Upsilon:  Υ  Υ //LaTeX
\Upsi:  \Upsi  \Upsi //Elsevier and 9573-13
\upsih:  \upsih  \upsih //W3C/Unicode "upsilon with hook"
\Upsih:  \Upsih  \Upsih //'cos it makes sense to me

//other symbols with the same LaTeX command and HTML character entity reference
\Gamma:  Γ  Γ
\Delta:  Δ  Δ
\Theta:  Θ  Θ
\Lambda:  Λ  Λ
\Xi:  Ξ  Ξ
\Pi:  Π  Π
\Sigma:  Σ  Σ
\Phi:  Φ  Φ
\Psi:  Ψ  Ψ
\Omega:  Ω  Ω

 x +y  x+y
 x y  x−y, unary minus  x   −x
 ±x   ±x x   ∓x
x*y:  x y  x∗y, x\cdot y:  x y  x⋅y, x\sdot y:  x \sdoty  x\sdoty
x=y:  x =y  x=y, x & lt; y:  x <y  x<y, x& gt;y:  x >y  x>y can't use lt, gt on keyboard

\times:  ×  × 
\div:  ÷  ÷, \divide:  \divide  \divide, \divides:  \divides  \divides
\ne:    , \neq:     
\ast:    , \star:    , \loast:  \loast  \loast, \lowast:  \lowast  \lowast
\therefor:  \therefor  \therefor, \therefore:    
\cuz:  \cuz  \cuz, \because:     

\prop:  \prop  \prop, \propto:     
\asymp:    , \approx:     

\lt:  <  < 
\gt:  >  > 
\le:    , \leq:     
\ge:    , \geq:     
\isin:  \isin  \isin, \in:     
\ni:    , \contains:  \contains  \contains 
\notni:  \notni  \notni, \niton:  \niton  \niton, \notcontains:  \notcontains  \notcontains, \doesnotcontain:  \doesnotcontain  \doesnotcontain

\sub:  \sub  \sub, \subset:     
\sup:  sup  sup, \supset:    , \superset:  \superset  \superset
\nsub:  \nsub  \nsub, \notsub:  \notsub  \notsub, \nsubset:  \nsubset  \nsubset, \notsubset:  \notsubset  \notsubset
\nsup:  \nsup  \nsup, \notsup:  \notsup  \notsup, \nsupset:  \nsupset  \nsupset, \notsupset:  \notsupset  \notsupset, \nsuperset: \nsuperset  \nsuperset, \notsuperset:  \notsuperset  \notsuperset

\sube:  \sube  \sube, \subeq:  \subeq  \subeq, \subsete:  \subsete  \subsete, \subseteq:    
\supe:  \supe  \supe, \supeq:  \supeq  \supeq, \supsete:  \supsete  \supsete, \supseteq:    , \supersete:  \supersete  \supersete, \superseteq:  \superseteq  \superseteq

\nsube:  \nsube  \nsube, \nsubeq:  \nsubeq  \nsubeq, \notsube:  \notsube  \notsube, \notsubeq:  \notsubeq  \notsubeq, \nsubsete:  \nsubsete  \nsubsete, \nsubseteq:    , \notsubsete:  \notsubsete  \notsubsete, \notsubseteq:  \notsubseteq  \notsubseteq
\nsupe:  \nsupe  \nsupe, \nsupeq:  \nsupeq  \nsupeq, \notsupe:  \notsupe  \notsupe, \notsupeq:  \notsupeq  \notsupeq, \nsupsete:  \nsupsete  \nsupsete, \nsupseteq:    , \notsupsete:  \notsupsete  \notsupsete, \notsupseteq:  \notsupseteq  \notsupseteq, \nsupersete:  \nsupersete  \nsupersete, \nsuperseteq:  \nsuperseteq  \nsuperseteq, \notsupersete:  \notsupersete  \notsupersete, \notsuperseteq:  \notsuperseteq  \notsuperseteq

//sum, product, coproduct, integral
\sum:    , \summation:  \summation  \summation 
\prod:    , \product:  \product  \product 
\coprod:    , \coproduct:  \coproduct  \coproduct 
\int:     , \integral:  \integral  \integral 

//the canonical sets of numbers
\N:  \N  \N, \naturals:  \naturals  \naturals, \Naturals:  \Naturals  \Naturals

\P:  \P  \P, \primes:  \primes  \primes, \Primes:  \Primes  \Primes, \projective:  \projective  \projective, \Projective:  \Projective  \Projective, \probability:  \probability  \probability, \Probability:  \Probability  \Probability

\Z:  \Z  \Z, \integers:  \integers  \integers, \Integers:  \Integers  \Integers

\Q:  \Q  \Q, \rationals:  \rationals  \rationals, \Rationals:  \Rationals  \Rationals

\R:  \R  \R, \reals:  \reals  \reals, \Reals:  \Reals  \Reals

\C:  \C  \C, \complex:  \complex  \complex, \Complex:  \Complex  \Complex, \complexes:  \complexes  \complexes, \Complexes:  \Complexes  \Complexes, \complexplane:  \complexplane  \complexplane, \Complexplane:  \Complexplane  \Complexplane, \ComplexPlane:  \ComplexPlane  \ComplexPlane

\H:  \H  \H, \Hamiltonian:  \Hamiltonian  \Hamiltonian, \quaternions:  \quaternions  \quaternions, \Quaternions:  \Quaternions  \Quaternions

\quad:  | |  ||, \emsp:  |\emsp|  |\emsp|, \qquad:  | |  || 

\, \,, \: \:, \; \;, \! \! //these cause mathquill-textbox errors??

//binary operators
\amalg:  ⨿  ⨿ 

//relationship symbols




\slash:  \slash  \slash 
\opencurlybrace:  \opencurlybrace  \opencurlybrace 
\closecurlybrace:  \closecurlybrace  \closecurlybrace 

//various symbols
\caret:  \caret  \caret 
\underscore:  \underscore  \underscore 
\vert:  |  | 
\perp:    , \perpendicular:  \perpendicular  \perpendicular 
\nabla:    , \del:  \del  \del 
\AA:  \AA  \AA, \Angstrom:  \Angstrom  \Angstrom, \angstrom:  \angstrom  \angstrom
\ring:  \ring  \ring, \circ:    , \circle:  \circle  \circle
\bull:  \bull  \bull, \bullet:     
\setminus:    , \smallsetminus:    
\not:     , \neg:  ¬  ¬ 
\dots:    , \ellip:  \ellip  \ellip, \hellip:  \hellip  \hellip, \ellipsis:  \ellipsis  \ellipsis, \hellipsis:  \hellipsis  \hellipsis

\converges:  \converges  \converges, \darr:  \darr  \darr, \dnarr:  \dnarr  \dnarr, \dnarrow:  \dnarrow  \dnarrow, \downarrow:   
\dArr:  \dArr  \dArr, \dnArr:  \dnArr  \dnArr, \dnArrow:  \dnArrow  \dnArrow, \Downarrow:    
\diverges:  \diverges  \diverges, \uarr:  \uarr  \uarr, \uparrow:    
\uArr:  \uArr  \uArr, \Uparrow:     
\to:    , \rarr:  \rarr  \rarr, \rightarrow:     
\implies:      , \rArr:  \rArr  \rArr, \Rightarrow:     
\gets:    , \larr:  \larr  \larr, \leftarrow:     
\impliedby:      , \lArr:  \lArr  \lArr, \Leftarrow:     
\harr:  \harr  \harr, \lrarr:  \lrarr  \lrarr, \leftrightarrow:    
\iff:      , \hArr:  \hArr  \hArr, \lrArr:  \lrArr  \lrArr, \Leftrightarrow:    

\Re:    , \Real:  \Real  \Real, \real:  \real  \real 
\Im:    , \imag:  \imag  \imag, \image:  \image  \image, \imagin:  \imagin  \imagin, \imaginary:  \imaginary  \imaginary, \Imaginary:  \Imaginary  \Imaginary
\part:  \part  \part, \partial:     

\inf:  inf  inf, \infin:  \infin  \infin, \infty:    , \infinity:  \infinity  \infinity
\alef:  \alef  \alef, \alefsym:  \alefsym  \alefsym, \aleph:    , \alephsym:  \alephsym  \alephsym

\forall:     thankfully mathquill has only one version of forall [PJ]
\xist:  \xist  \xist, \xists:  \xists  \xists, \exist:  \exist  \exist, \exists:    
\and:  \and  \and, \land:    , \wedge:    
\or:  \or  \or, \lor:    , \vee:     

\o:  \o  \o, \O:  \O  \O, \empty:  \empty  \empty, \emptyset:    , \oslash:    , \Oslash:  \Oslash  \Oslash, \nothing:  \nothing  \nothing, \varnothing:    
\cup:    , \union:  \union  \union 
\cap:    , \intersect:  \intersect  \intersect, \intersection:  \intersection  \intersection

\deg:  deg  deg, \degree:  \degree  \degree 
\ang:  \ang  \ang, \angle:     

\ln:  ln  ln
\lg:  lg  lg
\log:  log  log
\span:  \span  \span
\proj:  \proj  \proj
\det:  det  det
\dim:  dim  dim
\min:  min  min
\max:  max  max
\mod:  \mod\mod
\lcm:  \lcm  \lcm
\gcd:  gcd  gcd, \gcf:  \gcf  \gcf, \hcf:  \hcf  \hcf
\lim:  lim  lim 

\sin:  sin  sin
\cos:  cos  cos
\tan:  tan  tan
\sec:  sec  sec
\cosec:  \cosec  \cosec, \csc:  csc  csc
\cotan:  \cotan  \cotan, \cot:  cot  cot

\sinh:  sinh  sinh
\cosh:  cosh  cosh
\tanh:  tanh  tanh
\sech:  \sech  \sech
\cosech:  \cosech  \cosech, \csch:  \csch  \csch
\cotanh:  \cotanh  \cotanh, \coth:  coth  coth

\asin:  \asin  \asin
\acos:  \acos  \acos
\atan:  \atan  \atan
\asec:  \asec  \asec
\acosec:  \acosec  \acosec, \acsc:  \acsc  \acsc
\acotan:  \acotan  \acotan, \acot:  \acot  \acot

\asinh:  \asinh  \asinh
\acosh:  \acosh  \acosh
\atanh:  \atanh  \atanh
\asech:  \asech  \asech
\acosech:  \acosech  \acosech, \acsch:  \acsch  \acsch
\acotanh:  \acotanh  \acotanh, \acoth:  \acoth  \acoth

\arcsin:  arcsin  arcsin
\arccos:  arccos  arccos
\arctan:  arctan  arctan
\arcsec:  \arcsec  \arcsec
\arccosec:  \arccosec  \arccosec, \arccsc:  \arccsc  \arccsc
\arccotan:  \arccotan  \arccotan, \arccot:  \arccot  \arccot

\arcsinh:  \arcsinh  \arcsinh
\arccosh:  \arccosh  \arccosh
\arctanh:  \arctanh  \arctanh
\arcsech:  \arcsech  \arcsech
\arccosech:  \arccosech  \arccosech, \arccsch:  \arccsch  \arccsch
\arccotanh:  \arccotanh  \arccotanh, \arccoth:  \arccoth  \arccoth