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Assessment Player 2.0 is a new, more accessible interface for students. This update provides increased security, flexibility and quality in the questions and submissions. In this article you can learn more about what´s new, and maybe more importantly; what stays the same. 

The update happens over two steps and does not require you to take any actions

Regardless of your role in Inspera Assessment (candidate, planner, author, invigilator or grader) the transition to the new student interface will be straightforward. All question types, formatting and media will work the same way as it does today. All the new possibilities will be deactivated in the default setup for the new Player. In this way we make sure that the students gets as close to identical user experience, the authors can be confident their questions display correctly and the planner does not need to learn anything new at all. 

The update will affect you less than you might think

In October you are free to decide whether the tests should run in the new or old player, and can easily compare the two. Continue reading to learn more about how it will affect the different roles:

Table of Contents


title7th October 2016

Step 1 - "Say hello"

  • Planner: Assessment Player 2.0 available as an option in the Deliver tool
  • Author: New, advanced preview for Assessment Player 2.0
  • Grader: View correct / incorrect answers in the old player


Tips for October:

  • Test exam in Player 2.0 to familiarize yourselves with the new player and the new possibilities
  • Create a Demo test in Player 2.0 for the candidates to get to know the new interface
  • Preview and QA all question sets in Player 2.0 that are to be submitted in Player 2.0
  • Attend a Webinar on Assessment Player 2.0 for a demonstration of the new player

title3rd November 2016

Step 2 - Complete version

  • Planner: Old player no longer available
  • Grader: Old player completely replaced by the new player
  • Candidates: Correct / incorrect answers displayed after submission (if this setting is selected by the planner)
  • Candidates: Autosubmission for home exams

Limitations in the 7th October release 

The following features will be completed during October
  • Offline-detection: Allthough offline mode is fully supported, there are still some limitations to offline detection in SEB for MacOS
  • Support for Audio Player in Internet Explorer
  • Math entry and Math working: Available in PDF version
  • Numeric entry: Consistent behavour when number of decimals are not defined
  • Post submission review: In the current version, the submission appears to be editable after submitting answers - which is not possible

The following features will be available 3rd November

  • Results page for candidates
  • Previewing from Question Editor
  • Exit SEB warnings in Monitor
  • Send message to candidate(s) from Monitor


    A more effective and universally designed interface.

    Limitations in the 7th October release:

    • The results page available after submission (if activated by the planner) will not include the correct / incorrect answers (e.g. MCQ). The PDF version (viewed via the student dashboard) will, however, still display this


    • Essay - Writing and editing long texts: Candidates no longer have to change to full screen mode 
    • Essay - Sketches: The diagram and sketch tools are replaced by one, single drawing tool. Optimized for touch and stylus pens
    • Flexible PDF Panel - Candidates can now easily resize PDF panels. 
    • Flagging (optional) - Allow the candidates to flag questions requiring additional attention
    • Table of contents (optional) - Give the candidates an overview of all questions on the test
    • Maximum score per question (optional) - Allow the candidates to see the possible score of each question
    • The navigation bar now sticks at the bottom of the screen
    • "Deliver blank" moved from the submission page to the Options menu
    • Virus scan in upload assignment
    • Home exam - Automatic submission. A more intuitive workflow when the candidate uploads a new version of their submission (before the test end time). 

    The candidate user interface is cleaner, more straightforward, and includes a more effective navigation bar

    Options: The test options are displayed when clicking the menu button in the top right corner

    Submission page: The candidates can see the status for all questions before submitting, and can filter by unanswered and flagged questions (if flagging is activated)

    Learn more about what´s new for the candidates by clicking here


    In October the planner can decide which player version to use on a test. The new player can be used on all tests (FS, Ladok, Inspera Assessment, Demo. Only users with the role 'planner' can select which version to use. The choice of player version is made under 'Options' in the 'Setup' tab regardless of test type.


    To use the new player, selectActivate Assessment Player 2.0 on this test

    New player not activated: Activate the new player by one click. Compare the player versions by clicking preview at the bottom. Remember to first add a question set.

    New player activated: When Assessment Player 2.0 is activated, additional options will display that are only available in the new player. These options cannot be previewed in the old player.


    The new player does not lead to any changes in the existing functionality for questions and content. It is still important for authors to familiarise themselves with what´s new in Assessment Player 2.0 to ensure existing content is displayed correctly in the new player. This will also enable them to start using the new functionality once it becomes available. As part of the new player launch, the authors can see a new, advanced question set preview tool

    This settings preview is the first step in a larger plan to allow authors to define settings for tests in the future.

    Compare new and old player in the authoring tool: Click the "eye" to preview in old player, and the new "2.0 Preview" to preview in new player.

    Preview - Devices: See how the question set layout works on various screen sizes

    Preview - SettingsTest the various settings for the student interface. Remember! The final settings for the test must be set by the test planner.


    Important: The settings defined by the author in Preview, are not set as settings on the test the question set is added to



    7th October

    The questions are displayed in the new player. The candidates´ submissions are displayed in the old. 

    3rd November

    Old player is completely replaced by the new player. 

    • The display of the selected alternative, correct and incorrect answers
    • The numbering of questions in Grading reflects the numbering of the questions (1a,b,c 2a,b,c). 


    Options and actions are initiated from a menu in the top right corner:

    The actions the candidates themselves and/ or only the invigilator can take.

    Invigilator passwordInput field for the invigilator password