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The current LTI integration available during the beta is not suited for usage outside of technical and functional evaluation.

Overall flow

For Inspera Assessment to be added as an LTI app in an LMS/VLE, a set of credentials is needed. Contact Inspera Service Desk to get this set up for your account.


Access to the test is controlled by the LMS. By exposing access to the created object, the LTI integration assumes that all users with access to the object should have access in Inspera Assessment (this also covers how student are assigned to a test).


Practical setup of IA as an LTI tool

These steps are for Canvas, but quite similar for Moodle. In the longer term, we will likely add Inspera Assessment as a centralised tool in Canvas (in their app directory or similar), skipping some of the steps here.


For Launch URL, remember to use https:// your institutions url /ltiaccess

Use of the IA LTI tool

There are two ways of using LTI tools in Canvas, as a normal item/activity and as an assignment. Inspera Assessment support both. We'll show both examples in order here.

Creating a normal item/activity

In the course builder in Canvas, create a module and then an activity of type External Tool. Select the relevant LTI tool type (as defined in the previous section) by clicking it. This will fill out the relevant URL as shown in the example below:


Then a student can access this via Canvas and do the test from there, without logging on:

Creating an Assignment

The process for setting up an assignment is similar to the one for a normal activity item in the course modules, but starts by choosing type Assignment: