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Norwegian: Lyd- og videoklipp i oppgaver

English Audio and Video clips in questions

The audio and video features allow authors to include multiple music, sound and video clips in any question type.  

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To add video or audio - place the cursor where you want the video/audio to be added, and click on the audio or video icon in the menu. 
A placeholder appears. Click on this to activate the options at the right hand side of the question. 
Upload your audio or video file. See below for specifics on file types and size limits.


Test the audio/video in question preview mode  to make sure that it works as intended.

Audio clips in questions

The Audio Clip feature allow authors to include multiple music and sound clips in any question type.  


  • Multiple audio clips pr. question
  • Editable prompt text
  • Supported file formats: mp3
  • Max-file-size: 50 MB


Video in questions

It is possible to add videos in the question text, which are added in the same way as the audio clips.


  • Supported in all item types, excluding documents and section stimulus
  • Add multiple clips to same question
  • Editable prompt text
  • Supported file formats: MP4
  • Offline support - Videos available during loss of internet connection
  • Default maximum file size: 30 MB*


  • Configure number of allowed playbacks 

* Maximum allowed file size is configurable per account. To change the file size limit, please contact Inspera Service Desk.

titleImportant note

If you are considering a change in the max file size, please make sure you have made the necessary preparations and calculations. 

We strongly recommend that IT does a speed test on the access points to determine the capacity in the local network. This will enable you to calculate the max file size the network is capable of delivering simultaneously to a defined number of students.
More information about network speed:

Bit rate: A video that is 30 MB and 10 seconds long will be percieved as slower to load/start than a video that is 30 MB and 5 minutes long. 
Youtube has help articles that explains more about bit rates:

Theoretical example: A 480p video requires 2,5 Mbps to download/stream. If the router has a max capacity of 100 Mbps, this can support 40 simultaneous streams of the video (100 Mbps / 2,5 Mbps).