New features

  • Use hypothesis annotation in existing grading tool
  • Expanded mode supported for submission
  • Submission feature now support show/hiding question text
  • Input raw-html code directly in custom html feature (Edit workspace text)
  • Click on candidate list to open the submission in overlay


  • Keep focus in keyboard navigation/auto-advance mode
  • When session times out, go back to login window
  • Display notification icon on hypothesis side panel when changed detected (new annotation made by others/annotation deleted or edited)
  • Plagiarism tab displays "Request" button when request is in the queue
  • Make it more visible on attachment tab to see if attachment exists

  • Hide delete/edit/reply annotation button for students
  • Hide "private" annotation channel as it causes confusion
  • PDF uploaded to File-upload questions is now rendering in PDF viewer.

Bug fixes

  • Fix permissions for chief invigilators/invigilators in delivery setup
  • Automatically marked question should have marking status of "Marked"
  • Language change is now applied also to table and footer elements

Known issues

  • Answer in Code block type question cannot  be annotated
  • Non-responsive text selection on tablets
  • Menu for "Annotate" and "Highlight" after selecting a text will always be displayed in english