PLANNERMakes the the candidates' names visible for graders and planners

Requires activation

This feature is only visible if enabled for your institution. Do not you see it? Register service request in Service Desk


Candidates imported from FS have previously been anonymous and only identified with Candidate ID. The default setting is still that candidates should be anonymous, but it is now possible to choose non-anonymized candidates. First name and Last name are then synchronised from FS, and planners, invigilators and sensors can see the candidates' real names.

Candidates invited with a test-code (and then using SSO from Google to log in) will also as default be anonymous. That means that it is important to tick of the non-anonymous button if using a test code. If not, the candidates will remain anonymous, and there is noe de- anonymization later in the prosess.

Enable non-anonymized candidates

1) Create a FS-test

2) In the Test setup, general settings, select Non-anomyzied. When FS  syncronizes, the first name and last name are imported from FS.

3) In the candidate list you will see the candidates' name as registered in FS, and candidate ID in brackets.

The candidate's name will also be visible to invigilators, chef invigilators, planner and grader.