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Norwegian: Generelle alternativer for oppgaver

English: General options for questions

How-To attach a PDF to the PDF panel in a question.

All question types in Inspera Assessment are able to show an attached PDF in the PDF panel. This document shows how to attach a PDF-file to a question.


If the question is being used in a test with Safe Exam Browser, it is important that all external links are removed from the PDF.

In the question edit mode, expand the "PDF panel" menu to the right and click "Upload PDF":

In the dialogue window, click "Browse" to look up the PDF file you want to attach:

Find the file on your computer using the folder browser and select it, then click "Open":

The file name is then displayed. Click "Insert" to attach the chosen file to the question, "Browse" to choose another PDF, or "Cancel" to abort the operation:

Now, the PDF "Besvarelse_BTB.pdf is attached to the question, and will be shown in the PDF panel:

Note, the PDF is not visible in edit mode. Preview the question to ensure the PDF is displayed correctly.