Save delivery as file

Procedure for downloading encrypted candidate answers in Offline Mode from Safe Exam Browser. The procedure is followed by an uploaded offline delivery.If the candidate looses contact with the internet during the exam, the system generates a message saying Connection lost.

If the computer loses the internet connection for more than a minute, the candidate is asked to contact an invigilator.
Then, when the candidate wishes (or is forced) to deliver offline, click on "hamburger menu" in the top right corner of the screen and choose from the options: Save delivery as file

To deliver in offline mode, the invigilator password is needed. The candidate must contact an invigilator who will type the password and click Ok:

Insert the invigilator password, and then click at Save delivery.

(Even in offline mode, the candidate can deliver blank. Check the box "Deliver blank" and follow the instructions to do so.)

Then downloading is then confirmed, and the candidate and the invigilator gets information on where to find the file on the computer:

The Save delivery as file message remains on screen. Press OK to continue. 

After the file has been downloaded, the invigilator exits SEB by clicking "Hamburger menu - and the  "Exit Safe Exam Browser" and confirming by clicking "Quit" in the dialogue box. The invigilator then moves the file to a memory stick. 

For ipads the procedure for saving submission as file will be a bit different because you cannot necessarily transfer the file to a memory stick.

The suggested procedure is to download the file using invigilator password and exit SEB, like previously described. Locate the downloaded file to make sure that it is saved locally, and then try to restore the internet connection. Once connection is restored, the file can be sent to cloud storage and shared with the invigilator or the planner, or e-mailed to the invigilator or planner. This way, you can avoid using a memory stick at all. As long as the file is accessible on a device that can also access the candidate list on the test, the upload can be done immediately.

Further procedures

  1. Planner uploads the candidates delivery  
  2. Planner re-opens for new delivery
  3. The candidate logs in to SEB again (with incident password) and continues working with the test. 

NOTE: Also consider if the candidates computer (with SEB installed) should be replaced, and if the incident qualifies for extra time.