Candidate types

The three types of candidates in Inspera Assessment.

1 Anonymous one-time user

This candidate type is used when there is no integration between Inspera Assessment and a student administrative system (ie the Norwegian system FS), or when one wants to carry out an exam without importing candidates from an integrated student administrative system. The anonymous one-time users are created in Inspera Assessment in the context of a specific exam, and given random candidate numbers, usernames and passwords. The created users are therefore only possible to use in this specific exam in Inspera Assessment.

2 Anonymous FEIDE user

This candidate type is the most used user type for students carrying out exams. All students in Norway have personal FEIDE user credentials maintained by their home organization. Home organizations can be institutions like universities, university colleges, local and county governments (the school owners) etc. The anonymous FEIDE users are imported from the student administrative system in the home organization, either trough a system integration or via a CSV-import.

The CSV file should include the candidate ID in column one, and in column two: feideusername@the institution´s feide realm. Extra time (in minutes) can be added in column three.

The FEIDE users are imported in the context of a specific exam. As a result, the candidates can log in to Inspera Assessment using their personal FEIDE user credentials and access the relevant exam(s).

3 Permanent user

This candidate type is a variant of the "Anonymous one-time user", but will be useable for the candidates during a longer period of time and throughout multiple exams in that period of time. The Permanent user can can be used as the "master" user information for digital exams in an organization. We recommend that you contact us if you have questions related to this candidate type.