03.01.2019  Maintenance update

New features

  • Support for Shared marks (Please note. Only supported without committees)
  • Added workspace for submitting ideas
  • Added workspace for viewing submitted ideas


  • Improved support for displaying stimulus
  • Improved global header. Now including test status and role(s) for current user

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with mark status not always displaying correct caption
  • When revert to automatically calculated marks, yellow status bar is now hidden
  • Extended width of maximum marks field to support three digits
  • Footer search select candidate / question now includes shortcuts to first and last item
  • Input field in Set mark feature no longer display any old score while switching questions while in Decimal mode
  • No longer displaying 0 as default score for manually scored questions
  • Fixed issue with drop-down list for grade setting being cut off for last candidate

Known issues

  • Switching the workspaces sometimes causes some features to be not loaded, clicking on the candidate list or reloading page will fix the issue. We will deploy a hotfix asap.