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Not evaluated. A form allows candidates to fill in additional information during a test. 

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Norwegian: Oppgavetype - Skjema

English: Question type Form


Form is NOT shown for the grader as it is not supposed to be graded.


The Form question type is to be used as a questionnaire, enabling candidates to provide additional information (metadata) that the institution wants to collect.

How to make a form

1. Choose the question type Form:

2. Click at  +Insert element,

3. Add one or more of the question types (interaction elements) listed:

The interaction elements that are added will work as form fields, that the candidate are to fill out or answer.
This could be both free text elements, or predefined interactions like multiple choice, true / false, and so on:

In addition to interaction elements, you may add rich text, audio clips, pictures, table i.e, to the questionnaire.

Export of data and External identifiers

The data collected from the form may be exported to external systems.
Therefore each form element has an unique Identifier connected to it:

These are called External Identifiers, and is a string consisting of letters and numbers.
The system automatically generates a string for each interaction element. These can be edited if desired, but all the strings must be unique internally in the questionnaire.

Candidate Experience

For the candidate, the form will appear similar to any other question type, but is not numbered and has its own icon in the navigation bar: