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This article is archived and will no longer be updated. It is replaced by Scoring - Automatically marked questions

How to set scores on a question using advanced scoring and with several question elements.


  • Points for unanswered (This means that "Points for unanswered" are only used when all the question items are unanswered)
    • Example: Question 1 comprise of Question element A and Question element B. Question element A is answered, Question element B is unanswered. The question as a whole is answered, so the candidate will achieve Points for wrong answer for Question element B 


This image show an example of a Multiple Respond questions with two elements.


Example 1 - Two question items with two correct answers each


Example 2 - Two question items, the first with one correct alternative checked, the second with one wrong alternative checked.
Note that the first item gives a score of 2 (Points per correct) and the second item gives a score of 0 (since minimum score is set to 0)