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Automatic evaluation. The question is answered by dragging correct answers (tokens) to gaps in text. 

Inline Gap Match enables authors to create text-based questions with a dynamically created token bank of correct answers. Correct answers can be either plain text, rich text, mathematical equations or images.

Student experience example


Interaction properties

Token type

Plain text (Default)

Rich text and math


Token size

Auto-size to largest token (Default)

Individual size (Temporarily not recommended for images)


None (default)

Enter text

DistractorsOptional. Additional wrong answers (tokens) can be added
Position of tokens

Interaction header (Default)

Interaction footer

Order of alternatives

Random (Default)

Ascending by identifier

Ascending by alternative

Gap properties


Gap Identifier

Set identifier by numbers [0-9], normal letters [a-z or A-Z], separator '-'
Correct answer

Add Text / Image (Depending on token type)


titleKnown issues upon release

Fixes scheduled for release short term

Author workflow:

  • When using images as correct answers, option to set Individual token size not always reflected correctly in student interface. We recommend using default option Auto-size to largest token
  • When adding equations as part of question text inside interaction element, these equations are not always saved correctly. 
  • If interaction element (background) is not already selected, selecting a gap requires two clicks (as the interaction element is wrongly selected first)
  • Selecting interaction element does not always deselect question (global blue border)
  • Action to remove exiting gap hidden in Gap options
  • When inserting a new gap, it should be automatically selected and field for correct answer focused directly. 


  • Improved support for answering question using keyboard only