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Ensure Plagiarism reports are ready for the grader(s) by requesting it in test setup

  • Plagiarism report requires that an integration is setup with an external plagiarism prevention service, such as Ephorus or Urkund
  • NEW! At some institutions, reviewing the plagiarism report is an administrative task. If the plagiarism report/tab should only be available to planners, contact Service Desk


1. When creating a new test, choose Request Anti Plagiarism reports in the test setup under the Security section

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2. When the test is finished, the plagiarism reports will be available to the grader(s) in the Grade module. Click here to learn more about grading candidates.

    In the candidate submission, the grader selects Plagiarism. The percentage of the submission that can be found in other sources are displayed, along the number of sources. Click View report for further information