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Norwegian: Oppgavetype - Fyll inn matematikk

English: Question type Math entry


Automatic evaluation. The question is answered by entering a mathematical expression.


Use labels to tag your questions with, for example, specific subjects. You can later use the labels to easily find your questions in the question bank. Click here to learn more. 


Allow unique responses only - This applies to questions with more than one question element. The purpose is to avoid awarding too many marks when a correct answer is repeated in the question elements. 

Example: Four different correct answers are defined in each of four math entry elements in the question. This is to make the question flexible, so the learners can choose which math eny element to input the answers in. If the learner inputs the same answer in all elements, the result is all correct.
With this option enabled, the duplicate answers will not count as a correct answer more than once, the duplicates are ignored. 

Navigation Bar

At the bottom of the screen you will find a navigation bar. This bar allows you to quickly jump from question to question without having to visit the test overview.