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Automatic evaluation. This question type is answered by entering text in fields that are placed on top of a background image. 

Inline Gap Match allows authors to create text-based questions with a dynamically created token bank of correct answers. Correct answers can be either plain text, rich text, mathematical equations or images. 

Text fields can be placed anywhere on top of the image

The main difference between this and regular Text Entry is that this can be used together with background images to enable the student to identify and name different parts of the image. This may be especially useful for subjects like medicine, geography, and biology.


  • Write the names of the countries in the UK in text areas connected to each country.
  • Identify/name different equipment used in a chemistry lab
  • Identify/name the chambers in a heart
  • Name the layers of Earth
  • Name the layers of the human skin

Background image

  • For a pixel perfect result, upload images that are 800px wide
  • Images wider than 800px are automatically scaled to fit
  • Images smaller than 800px will keep their width
  • Width can be manually set.
  • Height is automatically calculated

Student experience example


Text field properties

The following options are available when selecting a text field:


Correct answers

Edit correct answer

Add correct answer


Case sensitive

Ignore whitespace

Restrict number of characters to input width

Input width

titleKnown issues upon release

Fixes scheduled for release short term:

  • When selecting Interaction element (Background), the blue border is still highlighting the whole question
  • When selecting a text field, correct answers are not automatically expanding in the right panel
  • When inserting a new text field, it is not automatically selected, so that correct answer can be entered instantly
  • Placeholder image wrongly reflecting a MCQ image


  • Using Tab key to select input field sometimes not working


Graphic Text Entry is not QTI compliant