Text Entry

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Norwegian Oppgavetype fyll inn tekst

English: Question type Text entry

Automatic evaluation. The question is answered by typing a word or a short sentence

To edit the fields specific to this question type, click the interaction area (the text encapsulated by a rectangular shape within the question text).

Specific options

Correct answers

In this section you can add one or more correct answers. The answer is typically one or two words (maximum 50 characters, including space). Avoid using too many words because a single misplaced character in the student answer will render his answer incorrect. For long answer question types, consider using an Essay.

Note that the correct answer(s) is not language dependent. 


  • Case sensitive: when enabled, the automatic scoring mechanism will only score the answer as correct if it matches the solution perfectly. Example: solution is "Hugo". "hugo" will not be scored as correct if the option is enabled.
  • Ignore whitespace: when enabled, this option will remove the whitespace characters (" ") from the student's answer before comparing to the solution.
  • Input width: this is the width of the box where the student can enter his answer.

  • Restrict number of characters to input width: This sets the max allowed candidate input to the same length as the input width. A warning will show if input length is shorter than length of correct answer. The question cannot be saved unless this is corrected. 

General options


  • Marks per correct answer: the total amount of points the student will score for this question if he answers correctly.
  • Marks per wrong answer: the total amount of points the student will score for this question if he answers incorrectly. Use negative values if you want to penalize the student.

Main Illustration

Add an image or an embed code. Click here to learn more. Remember to preview your question by clicking the preview icon on the top right.

PDF Panel

Attach a PDF. The PDF will not be visible in question edit mode, preview your question to ensure it is displayed correctly. Click here to learn more. 


Use labels to tag your questions with, for example, specific subjects. You can later use the labels to easily find your questions in the question bank. Click here to learn more. 


Allow unique responses only - This applies to questions with more than one question element. The purpose is to avoid awarding too many marks when a correct answer is repeated in the question elements

Example: A question asks for the four largest cities in Norway. The learner shall input each answer in a separate text entry element, and all four cities are defined as correct answer on all four text entry elements. If the learner inputs "Oslo" in all four text entry elements, they will get marks for correct answer on all four.
With this option enabled, the learner will get only one correct answer if they input "Oslo" in all four text entry elements, because duplicate entries are ignored. 

Navigation Bar in Question Set

At the bottom of the screen you will find a navigation bar. This bar allows you to quickly jump from question to question without having to visit the test overview.

Furthermore, the navigation bar presents a shortcut for creating a new question (with an optional checkbox to create a question of the same type as the one you are editing). This functionality streamlines the question creation process by not forcing the user to visit the test overview.