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Inspera Assessment offers 20 question types, 11 of which are automatically evaluated, 7 requires manual evaluation and 2 that is not evaluated. The settings available varies between the different question types, but the set-up and logic behind the various question types are the same. Clicking the interaction area (the candidate response area) displays the options available to the specific question type in the panel to the right.

These are general options available to all question types: 

  1. Marks. This is where the scoring for the question is defined. For manually evaluated questions, the maximum score that can be achieved on the question should be defined. For automatically evaluated questions, there are different options. For more information, see the pages
    1. Scoring - simple scoring
    2. Scoring - advanced
    3. Scoring - per alternative
    4. Scoring - advanced with several question elements
  2. Marks: For question type that cannot be automatically scored and will need a grader to evaluate and provide a score. The Maximum score defines the highest value the grader may assign to a student for this question.
  3. Mark scheme. Gives the opportunity to write a mark scheme and preview graders view.
  4. Main illustration.  Add an image or an embed code. Click main illustration to learn more. Remember to preview your question by clicking the preview icon on the top right.
  5. PDF panel. Attach a PDF. The PDF will not be visible in question edit mode, preview your question to ensure it is displayed correctly. Click here to learn more. 
  6. Labels. You can add labels in order Use labels to tag your questions with, for example, specific subjects. You can later use the labels to easily find the questions by searching. your questions in the question bank. Click add labels to learn more. 


Mark scheme

Add a mark scheme for this question. The graders will see this in the grading modul.


This feature needs activation. Contact Service Desk to enable this funktion.



Mark Scheme needs to be activated for the institution. Contact Service Desk to activate mark scheme. 

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