Is your Safe Exam Browser Up-To-Date?

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Norwegian: Er din Safe Exam Browser oppdatert?

English: Is your Safe Exam Browser Up-To-Date?

Safe Exam Browser prevents cheating by locking down access to resources on your computer as well as online resources for the duration of the examination.

Download and install Safe Exam Browser*

*Download the newest version of SEB supported by Inspera Assessment. Click here for a full list of system requirements.

Note, your institution may require a different version of SEB. Contact your institution for further information. 

How-to guides

If you have Safe Exam Browser installed, you institution may have enabled a demo test. Take a closed-book demo test to ensure the version you have installed is supported by your institution. Note, the supported versions may change between exam periods so having taken an exam with SEB before does not guarantee you can use the same version this term. If Safe Exam Browser is not installed, you can download it via the closed-book demo test. 

Installing and testing Safe Exam Browser: