Safe Exam Browser issues



The following procedures can be completed by invigilators. 


SEB Incident 01

Candidate cannot start exam in SEB

Symtom: Candidate receives an error message opening the exam in SEB. 

Cause: Candidate has a wrong version of SEB installed (or has not installed SEB at all). 



Reinstall Safe Exam Browser on candidate computer. 

ETA 2 minutes

Alternative solutions:



SEB Incident 02

Candidate is experiencing problems in SEB during exam

Symtom: Client error warning messages in Monitor. Candidate is experiencing degraded computer performance. 

Cause: Candidate has installed Safe Exam Browser on a computer that doesn`t meet system requirements. This can lead to Client Errors, server side saving delays or in worst case - loss of data. 



Alternative solutions:



SEB Incident 03

Candidate has lost internet connection in SEB

Symtom: Candidate recieves Offline Alert. Offline Warning in Monitor Tool



Follow procedures for Loss of Internet

ETA 1 minute