Loss of Internet

Recommended routines for managing candidates with loss of internet connectivity.

What happens when a candidate loses internet connection?

Candidate internet connections are automatically checked once a minute. If a lost connection is detected, the Informational Offline Alert is displayed to the candidate:

If the candidate internet connection is restored within the following minute, the Alert is automatically hidden and everything is back to normal.

If the candidate internet connection is NOT restored within the following minute, the Critical Offline Alert is displayed to the candidate, and an Offline Warning appears in the Monitor Tool

Plan A: Reconnect candidate ASAP and move on

Always try to reconnect candidate to the same network - with the same computer - as soon as possible:

  • No need to Exit Safe Exam Browser
  • Solution doesnt require Planner or Chief-Invigilator access
  • Minimal time lost for candidate and Invigilator

Plan B: Reconnect candidate on a different network 

Try to reconnect candidate with the same computer - using a diffent Wifi or cabled network, by following these steps

  1. Exit SEB with Invigilator Password
  2. Connect computer to network
  3. Re-login to SEB with Invigilator Password

What happens if Inspera's servers are down?

Inspera Assessment is a robust system, and when the learner has started the test any down time on Inspera's servers will not affect the candidate in an invasive way. The first choice in such a case is to just let the learner keep on working.
If the learner loses contact with the server bcause the server is down, or not responding, the following message will be shown:

If the learner sees this message, no backup procedures should be started.

Inspera will contact affected users if the outage is major, to provide further information and instructions if required. 

Backup procedures

The following procedures should be followed when attempts to reconnect Candidate Computer has failed and requires Backup computers with SEB in exam location.

Offline Incident 01

Candidate not started is offline. 

Symtom: Candidate is unable to connect to Inspera or any other site. 

Cause: Hardware error on Candidate Computer.


No backup computer avaliable? Follow guide Switching a candidate to paper



Offline Incident 02

Candidate in progress is offline.


  • Candidate has received a Critical Offline Alert. 
  • Invigilator / Planner has received an Offline Warning message in Monitor

Cause: Hardware error on Candidate Computer.


Replace Candidate Computer

ETA 5 minutes
Available to Chief Invigilators and planners

No backup computer avaliable? Follow guide Switching a candidate to paper 


Offline Incident 02

Candidate ready to deliver is offline

Symtoms: Candidate has clicked on the button Deliver Now and has been redirected to the "Offline Delivery" page

  • insert image here.

Cause: When a candidate is offline in the moment of submitting answers, the candidate is automatically redirected to the "Offline Delivery" page.


Follow guide Offline delivery

ETA 2 minutes
Available to Chief Invigilators and Planners



Beyond Procedures

No Papers Lost

Tech note: Understanding continuous online and offline backup services in Inspera Assessment that helps the candidate deliver, even if the network goes down during the exam or even stays down until the end of the exam.