Exam Day Features

Features for planners, chief-invigilators and invigilators during exams 

Active Test Manager

How to manage an active test.


Live insights for planners and Invigilators during examinations


Stay Up To Date on what matters most to you.

Attach file to delivery

Attach a file to the candidate delivery. The file will be available to the grader(s) as a supplement to the regular delivery.

Exit SEB with Invigilator Password

Routine for helping candidates with SEB exit.

Re-login to SEB with Invigilator Password

Help candidates reopening SEB using the Invigilator Password

Exempt candidate from SEB

Routine for helping candidates with SEB-Exit and resuming exam in another browser.

Incident extra-time

Set Incident Extra Time for individual candidates ad-hoc during exams

Open for redelivery

Allow candidate to edit answers and deliver again.

Visual inspection

What to look for when performing a visual inspection of a candidate

Upload offline delivery

Upload locally saved answers for candidates with permanently lost internet connection

Send message to Candidates

Procedure for sending an in-browser, instant message to one or sevaral candidates.  Available to Invigilators, Chief Invigilators and Planners.

Withdraw candidate from exam

Procedure for a candidate requesting to withdraw during the exam.  Available to Invigilators, Chief Invigilators and Planners.

Save delivery as file

Procedure for downloading encrypted candidate answers in Offline Mode from Safe Exam Browser. The procedure is followed by an uploaded offline delivery.

Deliver blank

Options for Deliver blank

Extended Offline - Onscreen tests without internet

Extended Offline allows tests to be started, carried out and submitted by candidates completely without internet connectivity.


Temporarily pause and disable candidates from editing their submissions during live tests

Flagging of candidates