If Feide is down

Recommended fallback-procedure for creating new, one-time users and distributing alternative user names and passwords to candidates

This article assumes time is of the essence, and the top priority is to get the candidates started on the test.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Create a new test of the type Inspera Assessment. To read more, click here
  2. Setup:
    1. Add a test name and choose the same settings as in the original test. Note, if SEB is to be used the settings password will be different from that of the original test. The invigilator password can be changed to be the same as in the original test
    2. Add the same question set as was used in the original test
  3. Candidates:
    1. Click Add in the top right corner, and select Anonymous one-time users
    2. Click auto-generate candidates and enter the number of candidates to take the test. Candidate IDs will automatically be generated and start at 1. Click Save
  4. Assessment settings
    1. Set the correct Grading scale
  5. Confirm
    1. Click Activate test and confirm
  6. When the test is activated you are taken to the active test manager where you 

    Download PDF with candidate login info

    1. Print the PDF and hand the paper out to the candidates. Important: ensure you later will be able to identify which Candidate ID belong to which candidate. Tip: if the original Candidate ID start at e.g. 1001, give this candidate the login info for candidate 1, candidate 2 to Candidate 1002 etc. 

    2. Note, if you have chosen to use SEB, the PDFs contain the settings password - if the start time is reached the candidates are able to start the test once they are given the paper
  7. The candidates can start the test. Now that you have time, you can
    1. Change the test end time if there has been delays and all candidates should be allowed more time
    2. Enable spell checker for candidates who should have access to this (if it was not enabled on test level)
    3. Edit planned extra time for candidates who had been given this in the original test 
    4. Add contributors to the test
    5. Open the test in the Grading module. Under Details you can add Mark Scheme and edit the threshold values if necessary