Event Log

Keep track of important events in tests, questions and system events

The Log keeps track of important events in tests, questions and question sets, as well as system events. The Log enhances collaborative workflows, information security and gives planners a full overview regardsless of number of tests, locations and contributors. 


All roles can subscribe to email notifications and push-notifications for all log-event types

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Event types visible in Log pr . rolePlannerAuthorInvigilatorGrader

A new FS test created(tick)

A new test created(tick)

Added Contributor(tick)

Removed Contributor(tick)

Activated test(tick)

Deactivated test(tick)

Changed test to group delivery(tick)

Changed test to individual delivery(tick)

A candidate group was created(tick)

A candidate group was removed(tick)

A candidate was added to a group(tick)

A candidate was ungrouped(tick)

Changed test name(tick)

End time changed(tick)

Start time changed(tick)

Changed question set(tick)

Set Late Submission for test(tick)

Closed late Submission(tick)

Added grader guide

Enable spell checked for candidate(tick)(tick)

Disable spell checker for candidate(tick)(tick)

Set Open for Re-delivery for candidate(tick)

Enables public access(tick)

Disable public access(tick)

Set Open for Re-submission for candidate(tick)

Set Closed for Re-submission for candidate(tick)

Enable candidates to see correct answers

Disable candidates from seeing correct answers

Set Closed for Re-delivery for candidate(tick)

Set Grading Committee for candidate(tick)

Uploaded offline delivery for candidate(tick)

Attached file for candidate(tick)

Exempt candidate from SEB(tick)

Set Incident Extratime for candidate(tick)

Removed file on candidate delivery(tick)

Set extra time(tick)

Created committee(tick)

Removed committee(tick)

Enable post - submission review for candidates(tick)

Disable post - submission review for candidates(tick)

Updated committee name(tick)

Added grader to committee(tick)

Added candidate to committee(tick)

Removed grader from committee(tick)

Move candidate to committee(tick)

Added Mark scheme(tick)

Removed Mark scheme(tick)

Synchronised with FS(tick)

Unlinked test from FS(tick)

FS sync failed(tick)

Assigned grades are reset(tick)

A candidate was set to Attending(tick)

A candidate was set to Not Attending(tick)

A candidate got ID confirmed(tick)

A candidate got ID rejected(tick)

A candidate got ID check reset(tick)

A submission was viewed as PDF(tick)

A test was previewed(tick)

A test was previewed as PDF(tick)

Confirmed all own Grades on behalf of committee(tick)

Confirmed own Grades for committee(tick)

Confirmed all Final Grades on behalf of committee(tick)

Grading workflow updated to individual marks(tick)

Grading workflow updated to shared marks(tick)

Grading workflow updated to: One grader confirms Final grading(tick)

Grading workflow updated to: All graders must confirm Final grading(tick)

Marks updated for question(tick)

A candidate has signed off own submission(tick)

A candidate has signed off the submission for his group(tick)


Grading approval reset(tick)

Grader confirmed own Grades(tick)

Grader confirmed Final Grades(tick)

Grader changed threshold values(tick)

Grade set(tick)

Score set(tick)

Explanation requested(tick)

Explanation cancelled(tick)

Explanation draft(tick)

Explanation ready(tick)

Explanation sent(tick)

Explanation opened(tick)


Saved new revision

Shared question or question set

Question/document has been copied(tick)

Question set has been copied(tick)

Question/question set/document has been duplicated(tick)


Test opening tomorrow(tick)
Test ending tomorrow(tick)
Test due to start in two days

Not activated test opening tomorrow(tick)

Test ended yesterday, but is not ready for grading(tick)

Grading starts tomorrow

Grading starts in one week

Missed grading deadline(tick)

System events

A new committee with complete grades(tick)

Complete grades(tick)

A virus has been detected in uploaded file(tick)