Planner notifications

Default notifications for Planners



Deliver toolWeb Email 
A new FS test created  
A new test created  
Added Contributor  
Removed Contributor  
Activated test(tick)(tick)
Deactivated test(tick)(tick)
Changed test to group delivery  
Changed test to individual delivery  
A candidate group was created  
A candidate group was removed  
A candidate was added to a group  
A candidate was ungrouped  
Changed test name(tick)(tick)
End time changed(tick)(tick)
Start time changed(tick)(tick)
Changed question set(tick)(tick)
Set Late Delivery for test  
Closed late delivery  
Enable spell checked for candidate  
Disable spell checker for candidate  
Set Open for Redelivery for candidate  
Set Closed for Redelivery for candidate  
Set Grading Committee for candidate  
Uploaded offline delivery for candidate  
Attached file for candidate  
Exempt candidate from SEB(tick) 
Set Incident Extratime for candidate  
Removed file on candidate delivery(tick) 
Set extra time  
Created committee  
Removed committee  
Enable post delivery review for candidates  
Disable post delivery review for candidates  
Updated committee name  
Added grader to committee  
Added candidate to committee  
Removed grader from committee  
Move candidate to committee  
Synchronised with FS  
Unlinked test from FS(tick)(tick)
FS sync failed(tick)(tick)


Grade tool

Grader confirmed own Grades  
Grader confirmed Final Grades  
Grader delivered Explanation of Grade to candidate  
Grader changed threshold values  


Author tool WebEmail 
Question/document has been copied  
Question set has been copied  
Question/question set/document has been duplicated  


Reminder WebEmail 
Test opening tomorrow(tick)(tick)
Test ending tomorrow  
Not activated test opening tomorrow(tick)(tick)
Test ended yesterday, but is not ready for grading(tick)(tick)
Missed grading deadline(tick)(tick)


System events WebEmail 
A new committee with complete grades  
Complete grades