Lock-down browsers

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Norwegian: Prøver med sikker nettleser

English: Tests with lockdown browsers

Inspera Assessment supports the lock-down browser Safe Exam Browser (SEB) for Windows, macOS and iOS. For Chome OS the Inspera Assessment lock-down browser for Chromebook is supported. Learn more about the system requirements.

What is a lock-down browser?

A lock-down browser locks the learner's device into a full-screen testing environment until they submit their assignment. During the test session, learners are prevented from accessing instant message, email, the Internet, and other applications or files, unless they are explicitly whitelisted.

Whitelisting of web pages

By default lock-down browsers in Inspera Assessment offers a Closed Book Exam with no access to web pages. However, Inspera Assessment can allow access to third-party web pages in lock-down mode. These resources can be whitelisted in Inspera Assessment when setting up the exam.

Downloading Safe Exam Browser

Download and install Safe Exam Browser*

*Download the newest version of SEB supported by Inspera Assessment.

Note, institutions may require a different versions of SEB.

How to:

Looking for documentation on how to install Inspera Assessment lock-down browser for Chromebook? See: How to install the Inspera Assessment lock-down browser for Chromebook