Question Banks

Inspera Assessment supports IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) Specification so that questions can be imported from third-party item banks.

IMS QTI 2.1 support

Manifest packages with QTI 2.1 items are supported in Inspera Assessment. As an example of the format the first package in the Simple Packaging Example on is supported.

It contains a multiple choice question with template match_correct in responseProcessing. This is currently the only template that is supported. Any other templates will have to have be added into responseProcessing.

As the QTI standard is a big one and can be implemented in slightly different ways in various systems, it is important to verify the questions imported into Inspera Assessment before running any tests on them.

Populate your own response processing

If not using question types with template match_correct, one have to add 

<outcomeDeclaration identifier="FEEDBACK" cardinality="single" baseType="identifier"/>

and using responseProcessing populate this identifier with 

  • feedback_unanswered
  • feedback_wrong
  • feedback_partially_correct (where this is possible)
  • feedback_correct

for automatically evaluated question types (like multiple choice and text entry


  • feedback_unanswered
  • feedback_answered

for manually evaluated question types, like extended text and upload.

Populating response processing yourself, you also need to update the SCORE outcome.

Labelling the items

If you want to label your items on import, this can be done by using the taxonpath field for each resource in the imsmanifest.xml file.

<resource identifier="question_1" type="imsqti_item_xmlv2p1" href="question_1.xml">
                            <imsmd:langstring>Unit 1</imsmd:langstring>
    <file href="question_1.xml"/>

How to:

Looking for documentation on how to import or export question? See: QTI 2.1 Export and Import questions