Audio Clips

Archived article

This article is archived and will no longer be updated. It is replaced by Audio and Video clips.

The Audio Clip feature allow authors to include multiple music and sound clips in any question type. 


  • Multiple audio clips pr. question
  • Editable prompt text
  • Supported file formats: mp3 (soon to be extended)
  • Max-file-size: 50 MB


Step-By-Step Guide

1 - To begin, place the cursor where you want to insert the Audio Clip. 

2 - Select the Head Phones icon in the toolbar:

3 - A new Audio Clip Placeholder is inserted in the text area:

4 - To insert your audio file (mp3), focus the Audio Placeholder and select Add sound file

5 - Click Browse to select a mp3 file from your computer (Max 50 mb)

6 - Once a file has been selected, click Insert

7 - The Audio Clip is now ready. Choose whether the candidates can pause the sound clip, and the number of times they should be allowed to play it.

Save and Preview for Quality Assurance