Grader - Candidate list in Grading

The candidate list in grading gives the grader a better overview of the grading process.

This article explains the candidate list for individual exams. For group deliveries, click here

Getting an overview of the candidates

The candidate list includes the following columns.

  • Candidate ID 
    The candidte ID of the candidates. The list is sorted by this column.
  • Committee 
    The committee name. In this example you can see that candidate 1,2,3 are graded by committtee 1.
  • Grades
    includes all the grades  from the graders in the committee separate by a "/". The "-" indicates no grades has been set.
  • Final Grades
    This is the final grade and this value will only be set if the committee has approved final grading.
  • Group 
    This is not in use in this example as this is an exam without groups. Please refer this article describing the candidate list for group exams. 


In the example below we see that the grader has to grade 3 candidates in each of the two committees he is a member of - in total 6 candidates.



Grading started - some grades are set

The image below shows the candidate list when the 3 candidates in committe 1 has been graded.


Use filters to get a better overview

When there are a lot of candidates it could be useful for the grader to filter on the candidates that has not been graded.

Final grading - get an overview of conflicting grades

When the committee has started final grading the grader's grades are shared with the co-graders. It
is then easy to see any conflicting grades. The grader's own grades are always shown in bold in the Grades column.
In the image below a grader in committee 1 has a marked his 3 candidates, we also see that candidate 3 is
marked with a yellow background color to indicate that not all graders have given the same grade. 



Grading complete

When all graders in the committes have confimed their final grading all candidates have got a Final grade and
there are no conflicts.The Final grade column are populated with the grades that at the same time will be
available in the grading protocol.