Workflow settings

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Norwegian: Prøveinnstillinger - Arbeidsflyt for sensorer

English: Test settings - Grading workflow

Inspera Assessment supports different workflows for marking and confirming of grades.  
The default workflow settings are Individual marks and Collaborative Grade Confirmation.
Please select or change your workflow settings prior to any marking as switching marking mode will reset all marks and grades.


Switching mode resets marks and grades

Individual marks

Use Individual marks to allow each grader to mark every question and candidate individually, as opposed to Shared marks

Shared marks

Use Shared marks to allow graders to build a single total mark pr candidate, as opposed to Individual marks

Collaborative Grade Confirmation

Use Collaborative Grade Confirmation if you want to require all graders to actively Confirm Final Grades, as opposed to Quick-confirming Final Grades, which allows one grader to confirm all grades on behalf of the others.

Quick-confirm Final Grades

Use Quick-confirm Final Grades to allow one grader to confirm Final grades on behalf of the committee / other graders, as opposed to requiring every grader to actively Confirm Final Grades.