Group exam - candidate list in Grading

The candidate list in grading gives the Planner and Grader a better overview of the grading process.

 The candidate list displays all candidates. Each group will therefore be listed multiple times, once for each candidate in the group

Planner view - Getting an overview of the candidates

The image below shows a group exam with 2 groups and 6 candidates in total. 
For group exams the first column will be Group name. 
When the user clicks on a line the grading view for the group is opened. 


Grader view - Getting an overview of the candidates

When the user clicks on a line the grading view for the group is opened. 


Grading groups

Even though the candidates are listed on separate rows in the list, clicking a line will open the grading view for the
corresponding group.


Grading groups - some grades are set

When the grade is set for a group all the candidates´ grades will be updated with the same grade, as shown in 
the image below. 


Planner view of graded groups 

Below  the planner can see that the grade for group Group_01 is set.



Grading groups - conflicting grades

When there are multiple graders on a group exam, and "Your grading" has resulted in conflicting grades, all the candidates in the group will be marked with a yellow
background. To change the grade for the group, the grader has to open the grading view by clicking one of the candidates in the group. 



Grading groups - final grades 

When there are no conflicting grades and all graders have approved "Final grading", this is how it looks for the grader:


In a similar manner the Planner can view the final grades for all candidates in all committees.