Grading 2.0 is more than meets the eye

The new grading tool is built on top of what we call Configurable Assessment Framework. This means that all interfaces and interactive elements are flexible and can be optimised by institutions and end-users to fit their own workflows and personal preferences. The purpose is to offers the best of both worlds: Off-the-shelf functionality and yet uniquely you. 

Features are the atoms of the new grading tool

All functionality in the new grading tool is modularised in something we call Features. A Feature is any visual component on the screen with a specific purpose, interactions and permissions. In beta version 0.1 we are releasing 12 features. Further down this page you can learn more about each feature available in version 0.1, including how to use them, limitations, configurability and roadmap (Yep - Every feature has its own roadmap).

Features are organised in Workspaces

A feature, when visible on the screen, is part of something called Workspace. Workspaces are an essential part of the Configurable Assessment Framework, allowing institutions and end-users to tailor information and interaction optimised to each role in the assessment process.

Learn more about Workspaces included in version 0.1. 

Features in beta version 0.1

Information feature

0.1   Feature for displaying HTML content. Used for example in welcome workspace to display information and tutorials about new grading tool.

Global header

0.1 Showing navigational information about current test/candidate/question and offering global actions such as giving feedback or getting information about Beta.

Workspace menu

0.1  Workspace menu shows the available workspaces for current user. Click on the desired workspace to go there.

Candidate list

0.1   List of candidates in the test.

Submission feature

0.1   View the student submission.

Set marks

0.1   Set score on current question.

Question mark scheme

0.1   Display question mark scheme

Private notes for question

0.1  Private notes (only visible to the grader) on the current candidate and question

Workspace progress

0.1   Get progress for work within current workspace (when applicable)

Workspace footer

0.1   Enhanced navigation through candidate/question list.

Comments list


Mark viewer

0.1   View score information of the current question for current candidate.