New features

  • Add Insert text option to explanation of grades (generate content based on saved private notes)
  • Add attachment to explanation of grades
  • Allow filtering on explanation of grades status and request status
  • Single candidate action to quickly request/cancel explanation of status, as well as edit deadline
  • Add explanation of grades workspace for student
  • Support rubrics marking
  • New interface for set mark feature allowing direct type and search and improved overriding mode
  • Flexible grid
  • Added "Compare score" workspace displaying different candidate score on the same question
  • In "Grading only" mode, still allow setting grade in "Review candidates" workspace


  • Improve multi-editor locking for explanation of grades
  • Automatic UI update upon all sorts of status changes of explanation of grades
  • Keyboard navigation now enabled by default (key combination shown as tooltip in the navigation button)
  • Improved UI for sorting on list
  • Improved UI: automatically scale the text when annotation side panel is expanded

Bug fixes

  • Fix sorting on some fields in the table
  • Fix clicking outside the score setting dropdown was triggering setting score 0
  • Fix number of annotation displayed on the submission tabs
  • Fix attachment download link on candidate list
  • Hide other grader's mark depending on grading status
  • Fix problem where user having both planner and grader permission sometimes loses annotation upon the page refresh
  • Fix bug when editing in Edit Workspace Text workspace, it's sometimes opening the wrong text

Known issues