Limits in Inspera Assessment

The following tables provides the default limits for some of the functionality in Inspera Assessment.

Test Delivery

Resource or OperationLimitComment
Max number of assigned candidates on the same test1 500
Max number of candidates per CSV import250
Max number of contributors per CSV import250

PDF Download

Resource or OperationLimitComment
Max number of deliveries in batch1500
Merging of PDF filesUp to 300MB per each mergeIf the total size of all the files exceeds 300MB, multiple merged PDF files will be included in a zip. For instance, if the total size of PDF files is 500MB, one will get a zip with 2 merged PDF files where the size is ~ 300MB for the first one and ~200MB for the second one. 
Zipping of submissions


Download link availability30 minutes after the generation is ready

User Admin

Resource or OperationLimitComment
Max number of users per CSV import250

Questions and Question sets

Resource or OperationLimitComment
Additional resources in question sets (both PDF and URL)10

It is possible to add more resources than 10 but too many resources may restrict the user interface. 

Number of questions in a question set700