The FS Digital Exam API is used to synchronize test metadata from FS to Inspera Assessment. 

FS is a student information system commonly used in Norway. Most HEI’s (Higher Education Institution) use this system (51 in total). The data that is exported from this system does contain some “native language” that we will try to explain in this document, along with the format of the data exported.

In the model system that holds the exam information (FS), we are not using the word “exam”, as this often is associated with a written or oral examination in a classroom over a few hours. Instead we use the word “assessment” as this then opens the field up to all sort of ways to assess the student: Normal exams, practical work, lab work, thesis and so on. To allow for a model that is as flexible and robust as possible, FS allows the individual HEI’s to structure their own type of assessments.

This is solved through something called an “assessment combination”, which is an object that can refer to itself, and in this way construct a hierarchy of combinations, for example: Some courses have a combination of assessments that lead up to a grade: An oral exam, a written exam and two obligatory papers during the semester.

To construct this complex assessment, the HEI will construct a tree of assessment combinations to describe the whole assessment. These trees can be reused year after year. In this way, if new types of assessments or demands are introduced, FS does not need to be reprogrammed, the HEI’s simply construct new trees of assessment combinations.

To make a tree “concrete”, meaning assigning a date to it, an “assessment unit” is added. This unit contains the semester-specific data: Time of examination, place, deadlines etc… It is the assessment unit that is exported to the digital exam system, but with some general information from the assessment combination.


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Data model for FS exams in Inspera Assessment

Inspera internal data stored for specifically(ONLY for FS exams) FS Assessment Run:

  • Version Code
  • Institution Number
  • Evaluation Type
  • Grading Due Date
  • Auto Sync Value
  • Subject Code
  • Subject Title

Inspera internal data stored commonly as part of Assessment Run(is stored ALSO for FS exams):

  • Assessment Run ID
  • Status
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • External ID - used for FS
  • Monitor Start Time
  • Monitor End Time
  • Corrected End Time
  • Last Synced With External System - used for FS

Data model for FS user in Inspera

  • Username
  • Candidate ID
  • Commission ID
  • Email
  • Exam Id
  • Extra Time
  • FS Room  - reference to FS room model

Data model for FS room in Inspera

  • Room Id
  • Room Name
  • Building Name

Data model for FS evaluator in Inspera

  • Exam Evaluator ID
  • Commission ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Private Email

Grader import from FS

Whilst other contributors are added to a test directly in Inspera Assessment, graders are imported from FS when the test is synced with FS. If a user is defined as non-existent in Inspera Assessment, a new user is created. Whether a user is defined as existing or non-existent, and thus whether a new user will be created, depends on whether the same FEIDE username and email address is registered in FS and Inspera Assessment: