Ending support for Internet Explorer

Oslo, 25th January 2018, 

Support for Internet Explorer is ending

We are ceasing support in two steps, first for all roles except candidates/students, and thereafter for all roles. This means that from 1st April, 2018, administrator, author, grader and invigilator roles will no longer be able to log on to Inspera Assessment using Internet Explorer. Candidates will still be able to log on and start exams with IE. From 1st August 2018 candidates/students or any other role cannot use Inspera Assessment with Internet Explorer.  We recommend that you take early action on informing both students and staff on the change and upgrade computer labs and other devices that are currently using IE.


Microsoft released the last and final version of Internet Explorer October 2013 and continued the development with Edge. The latest version of IE is not up to date with advances in web technology needed to support the performance and future development of Inspera Assessment. Inspera Assessment will continue to support the two latest versions of major web browsers and for Microsoft this will be the two latest stable versions of Edge.

Supported browsers

Inspera supports the two most recent, stable versions of the following browsers:

  • Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (for Mac OS X)