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The Dashboard contains two sections: Widget area and a list of last 20 events. Widgets update continuously with the number of hits within a Log or Monitor search query of your choice.

Candidate Widgets

A Candidate Widget is a Saved Search from the Monitor tool and shows the number of candidates from the Live Filter at any given moment. 

Step-By-Step Guide: Create a Candidate Widget

Event Widgets

An Event Widget is a saved seach from the Event Log and shows the accumulated number of search hits from the Live Filter. 

Step-By-Step Guide: Create an Event Widget

Dashboard options

  • Add up to x widgets
  • Open
  • Rearrange Widgets with Drag-and-drop
  • Delete Widgets
  • Edit Widgets - Click on the Widget and Select "Update Live Filter"
  • Click on a widget to open the Live Filter in Monitor / Log
  • View the 20 most recent events