ID Check

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Norwegian: ID-kontroll

English: ID Check

ID verification

 A rejected ID does not prevent the candidate from submitting. It only sets a candidate status in the Monitor tool.

Note that the ID verification itself is not done in Inspera Assessment, that is typically done by checking the student's ID card after submission.
To enable ID verification of students on submission the planner check the option in Security Settings:

The example below illustrates a typically workflow for ID check on submission.

1. Candidate submits

The student has delivered but is notified that he must contact an invigilator. The candidate is not able to exit Safe Exam Browser until the ID is checked.

2. Invigilator checks and confirms ID in Monitor

Invigilator performs the chosen action in the right column. He can accept or reject the ID.

3. Invigilator gets a confirmation on his action in Monitor

Invigilator gets a confirmation in the top of the Monitor tool after his action. 

4. The candidate gets a confirmation on his Dashboard

When a candidate gets his ID confirmed the candidate is allowed to exit SEB.

If a candidate gets his ID rejected, the dashboard will be marked red and look like this .