Individual marks

Use Individual marks to allow each grader to mark every question and candidate individually, as opposed to Shared marks

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Norwegian: Prøveinnstillinger - Arbeidsflyt for sensorer

English: Test settings - Grading workflow


Individual mark is the preferred workflow for facilitating private grading for each grader as a first phase in the grading process. With Individual marks, each grader marks all questions and candidates, and does not share own marks until Final grading, in a four step process: 

  1. Complete your grading 
  2. Confirm your grades
    When all graders (in the committee) have confirmed their grades in Your Grading, they share their marks and grades and move on to Final Grading.
  3. Complete Final Grading 
  4. Confirm Final Grades
    In Final grading the graders share marks and grades. All graders (in the committee) have to agree on all grades before Final grades can be confirmed.

Marking Workflow settings

To activate Individual marks (Planners only), do the following: 

    1. Open the test in the Grading tool
    2. In the Overview page, scroll down and expand Details 
    3. In the Marking workflow row, press Edit: 

    4. In the Modal view, select option Individual marks

    5. Select Update