Mark scheme for essay questions

Mark scheme to add inn a scheme for the graders to use in the grading process

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Norwegian: Sensorveiledning for oppgaver

English: Mark scheme for questions

Requires activation

This feature requires activation. Can't see it? Please contact your local super user who will decide if the feature should be available.

In general settings for a question, you can add a Mark scheme for the question.

How to:

1) In general settings at the right panel, click at Mark scheme, and Edit

A blank page, similar to an essay question, is to be filled out. 

1) Name the Mark Scheme

2) Write the mark scheme. Tips: Use the table tool

In the section to the right, there will be a grading preview. Click  Save(1) to update the (2) preview.

This is how it will be shown for the grader, in the grading tool.