Trash questions and question sets

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Norwegian: Flytte oppgaver og oppgavesett til Papirkurv

English: Move questions and question sets to Trash

Previously it was possible to delete questions and question sets, but it was only possible to delete the content that was not
in use, and the rules for when the user actually could delete the content were hard to understand.

We have therefore introduced the Trash.  All questions and question sets can be moved to the Trash.

From the left menu you can list question and question sets that are moved to the trash


  • If content in use in a Test is moved to the Trash, it will not affect the Test
  • Content moved to the Trash will only be hidden, never deleted.
  • Content can always be restored from the Trash

Trashing shared items

  • If you want to Trash a shared item you will get notified - and you have to confirm before 
  • If you Trash a shared item it will affect all users with access
  • Restoring shared items can be done be anyone with access

Restoring items

Content is restored from the Trash by clicking the culry arrow in the action column: