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Norwegian: Oppgavetype langsvar

English: Question type Essay

Manual evaluation. The question is answered by typing an essay. To edit the fields specific to this question type, click the interaction area (the faded text editor).

Specific options


This is the text that will appear above the text editor.


You can specify the initial number of text lines to appear in the student view.  You can also check Expand automatically (default) to make the editor grow and shrink as the amount of content changes.
The editor will never get smaller than the initial size.


You can specify the toolbar layout. Default gives the student all tools in the toolbar. Basic gives the student only tools for text formatting and list. Use plain text to prevent the candidates to rich text editing.
You can limit the maximum number of words the students are allowed to write. The limit will be visible to the students and they will get notified when the limit is reached.

General options


This question type cannot be automatically scored and will need a grader to evaluate and provide a score. The Maximum score defines the highest value the grader may assign to a student for this question.

Mark scheme

Add a mark scheme for this question. The graders will see this in the grading modul.


This feature needs activation. Contact Service Desk to enable this funktion.

Main Illustration

Add an image or an embed code. Click here to learn more. Remember to preview your question by clicking the preview icon on the top right.

PDF Panel

Attach a PDF. The PDF will not be visible in question edit mode, preview your question to ensure it is displayed correctly. Click here to learn more. 


Use labels to tag your questions with, for example, specific subjects. You can later use the labels to easily find your questions in the question bank. Click here to learn more. 

Navigation Bar

At the bottom of the screen you will find a navigation bar. This bar allows you to quickly jump from question to question without having to visit the test overview.

Furthermore, the navigation bar presents a shortcut for creating a new question (with an optional checkbox to create a question of the same type as the one you are editing). This functionality streamlines the question creation process by not forcing the user to visit the test overview.