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Norwegian Oppgavetype - Feltvalg

English: Question type Hotspot

Automatic evaluation. The question is answered by selecting a hotspot in an image.

Hotspot is a question type where the user, on the basis of the instruction(s) provided, shall indicate the correct answer by clicking on the appropriate place inside a photo or illustration. It is possible to click anywhere on the image and the selection appears as a cross. The answer can be changed by moving the cross.

Hotspot questions are evaluated automatically. Points must be set for unanswered, correct and incorrect answers. 

Options for this question type include:

  1. Marks: Set points for unanswered, correct and incorrect answers. Note, marks for unanswered are achieved if the question is left unanswered - if the candidate does click anywhere. An option for this question type is "Regard as unanswered outside defined hotspots" - if the candidate clicks outside the defined areas, marks for unanswered will be achieved if this option is selected. 
  2. Main illustration: To display any content as the main illustration, either upload an image or enter an embed code. Click here to read more.
  3. Mark scheme: Add a mark scheme for this question. The graders will see this in the grading modul.


    This feature needs activation. Contact Service Desk to enable this option.

  4. PDF Panel: Attach a PDF. The PDF will not be visible in question edit mode, preview your question to ensure it is displayed correctly. Click here to learn more. 
  5. Labels. Add meta-data to the question, such as subject code, theme/topic or any other assessment criteria. Click here to learn more.

Options for the interactive element include:

  1. Prompt: Write an explanatory text for the question or use the predefined text to serve as a guide.
  2. Background. Add a background image (jpg, png or svg) with dimensions 620x400.
  3. Set the correct answer. Drag in the target area, indicated by the number, until it demarcates the entire area that is to be considered as the correct answer.
  4. The target area can either be rectangular or circular. The two types can be mixed in the same question.
  5. Select multiple correct areas by selecting the tickbox next to the numbered area.
  6. Options:
    Mark Hotspots: makes the hotspot areas visible to the candidates
    Regard as unanswered outside defined hotspots: if the candidate clicks outside the defined areas, marks for unanswered will be achieved on this question
    Interaction height: The standard is 400p (recommended height). In case the height needs to be increased to add more elements, it is recommended that it be tested properly to ensure good end user experience.