GeoGebra Question Type

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Norwegian: Oppgavetype - GeoGebra

English: Question type GeoGebra

Inspera Assessment supports a question type for showing interactive GeoGebra content.
Contact Inspera Assessment to activate this feature.


GeoGebra is a net-based tool for creating interactive content in mathematics. GeoGebra consists of several different modules 

  • Graphic calculator
  • CAS (Computer Algebra System)
  • Geometry
  • 3D
  • Spreadsheet
  • Probability

GeoGebra is available here:

Manual is available here: 



Step by Step guide

After you have created your GeoGebra content, export it as a ggb-file, select File->Export->ggb

You are now ready to import your content into Inspera Assessment. First you create a question of the type GeoGebra. The question type is manually marked by graders.

When you are authoring the question you import the content from the right panel. Upload your previously saved ggb-file.

You are now ready to save and preview the question. 

The grader will see the student's respons in a similar view as the student. Note that we currently don't support PDF of the student's respons in GeoGebra.

Some tips to get started with GeoGebra

  • It exists a lot of shared GeoGebra material on the internet. Download content from and try it out.
  • Hide all the modules that are not relevant for the students before you save and export your content.  
    You hide and show modules in the menu ->Show
    You select which menu element to show to the student from the menu Tools->Customize Toolbar 
  • Make sure all relevant information is visible on the student's screen (this can be dependent on the student's display resolution)
  • Test the questions thoroughly. We recommend you arrange demo and test exams before you arrange a real exam.